v     Mongolian nomadic way of living: away from civilization, depending entirely on their domestic animals, no electricity, no gas, no running water, no toilet, no bathroom

v     Mongolian women strive to make their skin white


v     Unexpected high stage of development

v     No communication in English

v     Millions of Chinese people everywhere

v     Women carrying umbrellas in order not to get brown from the sun

v     Chinese are crazy about stairs and build them everywhere

v     Not possible to buy a deodorant; it seems like Chinese don't use them?

v     Chinese tourism from Chinese in China is booming. Wait till they really start travelling outside China


v     Time has stopped here

v     Women wear traditional Mongolian dresses even today

v     People live in rough conditions

v     Tibetan main activity: praying

v     Brothers often share same wife for the economic reasons

v     Most Tibetans donít brush their teeth which, surprisingly, look healthy and snow white


v     People very friendly

v     To be place for budget travellers and for those who love nature


v     People too pushy and often unfriendly

v     Sell and forget attitude

v     Cities extremely polluted, no knowledge about waste management

v     Woman means nothing

v     The Taj Mahal is a real world wonder

Dubai (UAE)

v     Even more clean and organised than the Netherlands!


v     People very friendly

v     Unexpected amount of different animals

v     Lioness currying a 7-day old baby in her mouth

v     Birth of baby gazelle


v     Smiling - that's what these friendly people do all the time

        Malaysia Peninsula

v     Surprisingly dirty

        Malaysia Borneo

v     THE PLACE for diving

v     Local people don't care about the rubbish, sewage and other dirt they put straight into the turquoise waters surrounding the beautiful Borneo islands


    v     The city of money; everything costs ONLY ....dollars, everything is expensive


v    First impression: all look so old fashioned

v    Bowling/football/horse clubs are the centre of social life in Australia

        New Zealand

v    Nature extremely beautiful

v    Not adventurous, tourist attractions too organized, you can't discover here, you just have to follow what was already prepared for you


v    Everything is BULA , so relaxed

v    Attention girls: Fijian boys are a dream (Anit)


v    Meal portions are huuuuge; no wonder that there are so many fat people there

v    Service level in restaurants/shops/hotels/etc is not as high as expected, it's often very artificial and is limited to "How are you?" and "Have a nice day".


v    People of Merida dancing on the streets every Sunday

v    Yucatan women wearing traditional dresses everyday


v    Much safer than expected

v    Didn't expect Catholicism is so strong here; papa and Polonia are known to everybody

v    Warm, friendly and relaxed people

v    Totally different (slower) pace of life