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First-Aid Kit

Wounds / injuries
Kompresy compress, sterile cotton pads, for wound/injury
Maxitex surgeon’s gloves (sterile) for any medical handling, can be used as protection for the bandage (e.g. by cutting off a gloves’ finger)
Metacomp compresses of 13-thread gauze (small)
Metacomp compresses of 13-thread gauze (big)
Opaska cotton bandage, not to be used directly on the wound
Opaska elastyczna uciskowa elastic bandage, not to be used directly on the wound, can be used after bite above the place of bite
Bactigras sterile compress with antibiotic to be put on the wound / injury of all kinds, kills the bacteria’s, should be used after treating the injured skin with Rivanolum or Woda Utleniona (hydrogen peroxide)
Rivanolum antiseptic tablets to be dissolved in clean water and put on the wound / injury to disinfect; needs 30 minutes to work
Woda Utleniona  (hydrogen peroxide) similar impact like Rivanolum, antiseptic, disinfects immediately
Plasters a set of plasters of different size (also waterproof)
Hausaplast spray which covers and cures the wounds/injuries
Hydrocortisum anti-allergic (5 doses), to be used after insect bite in case of allergy, or any other allergy; to be injected directly in the vein or in the muscles, ONLY by the medical help by use of enclosed syringes (5 pieces) and needles (5 pieces)
Altacet acid gel used after bruise and swelling; dosage: 3- 4 times a day in form of compress
Claritine anti-allergic, e.g. after insect bite in case of any allergic symptoms, to be used together with Mecortolon unguent (cream); dosage: max 2x1
Mecortolon unguent (cream) anti-allergic cream to be used directly on the allergic bite place 
Klacid Uno general antibiotic; dosage: 2x1
Augmentin general antibiotic, same impact as Klacid Uno, to be used if Aspirin does not help; dosage: 2x1
Nystatyna red tablets to be used as protection while taking antibiotics; dosage: 3x1
Laremid stops the diarrhoea, immediate impact
Nifuroksazyd cures the diarrhoea and possible effects in the intestines, to be used after Laremid which only stops but does not cure; dosage: 4x2
O.R.S electrolyte, for dehydration to retain the mineral balance
Inflammations (antiphlogistic)
Furaginum tablets in case of cystitis (inflammation of blister)
Nurofen Forte pain killer, anti-inflammation (antiphlogistic) and anti-fever
Aspirin pain killer, anti-inflammation (antiphlogistic) and anti-fever
Clotrimazolum (tablets and unguent (cream)) against tinea (mushrooms) in the vagina, to be used once a day in vagina
Biodacyna eye drops – to be used after eye/ear infection, conjunctivitis (eyes)and otitis (ears) directly into the eye
Bocasan in case of month inflammation
Apo-naproxen anti-inflammation (antiphlogistic) and pain killer
Hadex water purifier (disinfectant)
Thermometer to measure the body temperature
Panthenol Forte spray against sun burning with vitamins
Lariam anti-malaria tablets